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Cristian León 

Founder at DROVID

I am an entrepreneur passionate about nature and technology, and during an excursion to Torres del Paine in 2014, I witnessed a large number of hectares of forest burned in an ancient reserve, and worst of all, because of human beings.

This experience was shocking, and prompted me to delve deeper into the problem with the purpose of finding a solution that could prevent these disasters, but I did not reach a clear conclusion to innovate.




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March 2020

That was until the onset of the pandemic, where my previous entrepreneurship was heavily affected by the global stalemate. That period prompted me to reconnect with the problem, taking full advantage of the time to train and develop prototypes of a new methodology that could revolutionize forest fire prevention mechanisms.


17,600 hectares


Proximity with experts

Throughout this process I was close to experts in the area of forest fire protection of the National Forestry Corporation of Chile (CONAF), and thanks to this, I was able to reach a clear definition of the weaknesses in the area of forest fire prevention and found DROVID Technologies.

We are a tech startup

Composed of a multidisciplinary team with a common objective: to reduce the probability of large-scale fires and their devastating consequences for the environment, society, and human security.

We are dedicated to research and experimental development in the field of natural sciences and engineering, applying our knowledge through a platform as a service (PaaS), composed of a methodology designed for the prevention and early detection of problems associated with fires. forestry.



Our commitment is to put technology in the care of the environment.

We use our intellectual property to differentiate the content of our service and to be pioneers in the development of a platform with artificial intelligence that generates effective, profitable and sustainable solutions.



Becoming a triple impact company

generator of a product with global reach that provides strategic and linkable services to a wide network of local partners at a national and international level, achieving important goals in the prevention of forest fires and in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Our values are bound to the respect for the environment

and the definition of a culture that incorporates innovation continues as the fundamental pillar, reinvesting in R+D+i to improve our technology and establish affordable prices to benefit our clients and the ecosystem, prioritizing the attraction of talent in our efforts to provide a superior product.

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